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Here you can find professional equipment for one of the most attractive and popular sports - Table Tennis - Ping Pong

  • XIOM products are well known worldwide for their highest quality build and also their unique playing characteristics.
  • You can purchase the full range of XIOM table tennis equipment from here TennisDiscount.eu.
  • If you decide to trust Xiom equipment - you should be proud to know that 5% of every order will be spent for sponsorship of different table tennis events and individual players.
  • The wide range of XIOM products include top quality inverted rubbers with German "Tensor" technology and build to the highest standards pure wood and hightech composite blades.
  • If you own a table tennis club - we can supply full range of club accessories including competition balls, training balls, flooring, surrounds, ball catchers, scoreboards, glue and rubber cosmetics.
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Our XIOM E-shop is offering full range of table tennis equipment, available to all table tennis players and fans in Bulgaria, especially to those located in remote areas. Our consultants are at your service 08:30 - 21:00 Mon-Sun. You can place an order by phone, track your order or just call for professional advice: 00359/32-632-025.